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RemoteFlash - Remote Update of Electronic Control Units applying Wireless Technologies

The interconnection and interaction of electronic control units builds a complex network. The cooperating controllers meter, control, diagnose and manage a total system status, and for that purpose they exchange data with eachother. Even software that is positively proven to be error-free can be the source of misbehaviours in other controllers or may become instable itself when it is applied in such a conjunct real-time networking environment. Manufacturers of complex systems that combine interactive controllers have to look for new methods and technologies for handling software misbehaviours, updates, upgrades and monitorings more efficiently. The complexity of the controllers' software is increasing permanently.

Up to now the standard approach to software updates in controllers is either a call-back, service engineers being sent on-site or postponing updates until the next scheduled maintenance.

RemoteFlash enables mobile software distribution to real-time controller networks by means of a special and secure wireless data transmission mechanism. Concurrent and "silent" software updates can be run and controlled by a central backoffice update unit for all concerned controller devices. No technical service is required on-site any more. The delivery of the software updates is carried out via some available wide-area network, e.g. available cable networks and/or mobile and wireless networks like WiFi, WiMAX, UMTS/HSDPA, GPRS, CDMA2000 or GSM.  The design of this innovative remote maintenance solution based on mobile networks covers all specific requirements from highly secured data transfer up to real-time flash updates and roll-back to earlier software releases in case of errors during automatic system checks. Optimize your maintenance activities and profit from significant cost reductions.

RemoteFlash provides a promissing alternative to the cost-intensive exchange of controller units in the field. Within automotive controller maintenance cost savings can go up to 95%.
The time the maintenance process takes will be reduced noticeably. Save the time for reaching the installation sites (including transportation costs) plus time for individual on-site controller programming, software installation and adjacent functionality checks.
In addition, the risk of potential image loss due to call-backs is minimized as well.
Of course, a precondition to use RemoteFlash is that the targeted controller units allow software flashing. 


  Within a cooperative project CarMediaLab and adisoft have developed a prototype for software updates via mobile networks for the automotive industry. The development time took about two years. This project, "car-flash",  has been supported by the German Ministry for Commerce and Technology based on a decision of the German Bundestag.

Modern cars emphasize security and comfort. By today up to 70 electronic control units are integrated in such a car. All these controllers fulfill different tasks, and they communicate with eachother in order to generate the overall convenience of the driver and passengers. Subject to the project promoted by the German Ministry for Commerce and Technology  has been to enable remote software updates to these controllers via a central update unit in the backoffice. According to analysis by the AUTOSAR Initiative already a few cents cost reduction per controller will easily sum up to a 6 six-digit amount in savings.

The technology competence derived from the given R&D project is now applicable in various environments and manifold ways.

Updates of networked electronic control unit via mobile and wireless data networks promise remarkable cost savings in applications that consider
  • faster reaction times,
  • higher first shot problem soultion rates and
  • minimization of on-site technical services
to be keywords to their process optimizations, e.g. in Tell us how we can assist and support your plans. There is no difference whether we talk about long-term future ideas and currently executed projects. We would be happy to answer your enquiries.