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  • projects,
  • designs,
  • implements and
  • attends

your individual IT systems and applications with the defined goal to optimize your business processes. By enabling business transactions independent of time and location you gain an essential and strategic competitive edge. adisoft sets the stage for communikations and linking-up your mobile work forces.
The creation of an individual concept for your IT, the selection and implementation of a well-suited network scenario, the optimization of IT processes and communications cost reduction through clever and  custom-made systems, ... All of it can be provided to you by adisoft - new application scenarios generating business advantages.

We offer

  • Experienced project management,
  • Individual systems development,
  • Standard components for mobile applications,
  • Systems integration with existing IT environments and operational processes,
  • Systems migration targetting new IT platforms.

IT is meant to be a tool that supports professionals in executing their core business. Therefore, IT systems have to match the application and users demands - not the other way round. The best-fit  solution is never a common standard - the subtle but distinct individual differences define the optimum performance. Following our principle "We make complex technology usable“, we create solutions that are tailored according to your specific requirements..

  • Off-the-shelf and well market-introduced components are applied in our solutions in order to minimize development times and risks.
  • Pathbreaking concepts and technologies, like cloud computing and green IT, will be adapted for the solution where it is suitable..
  • Close cooperation with adisoft partners delivers highest competence and best-in-class knowledge..
  • Well-educated and individually arranged project development teams serve for successful project completion.
You specify the system environment and platform, and we create the target solution in close collaboration with you. Do you run systems on Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile, Novell Linux or other Linux derivates, calssic Unix (Solaris, HP/UX, IBM AIX) or Embedded platforms? Flexibly applicable software and sustained success in operation are our declared goals. And we are well-prepared to achieve them in these technical environments.

adisoft provides highly qualified services all around the introduction of new functionality based on mobile networks, wireless data transmissions data communications, convergency of wired and wireless technologies as well as convergency of voice and data communications. Our efforts in optimizing existing communications and network environments are meant to provide cost efficiency and competitive advantages through innovative technology to you.

Our references whether as general project contractor, classic  component supplier or as sub-contractor for medium size and large accounts document our capabilities. Based on situation analysis and in consideration of your organisational policies we will reach a joint decision on how we can support you best..

We would be happy to answer your request.